Stealth Gag Order

Journalists cannot always tell you the truth, when the truth hurts an advertiser. If a journalist blows the whistle on some bad business being carried out by one of his paper’s major advertising customers, the journalist is likely to lose their job.

There is an unwritten unspoken gag order over every politician and every person who works in the media. Over the past several years, No Ads Canada has contacted hundreds of journalists and politicians regarding an alternative to advertising funded media. There has not been one substantial response and no one has reported on No Ads Canada’s work.

Quite a few years back a reporter from a major newspaper in a major city in Alberta went to Montana to do a story on cross border car shopping by Albertans. He found some were buying a car in Montana and saving thousands of dollars even after paying for the shopping trip.
The editors at the newspaper would not print the story because local car dealers buy huge amounts of advertising.

The above is a story from a retired newspaper reporter who wishes to remain anonymous. Reporters need to be loyal to the truth and the readers they serve, but who do they actually serve?

For example, corporate journalists can almost never honestly answer questions of this kind:
What impact does your newspaper’s dependence on advertising for 75 per cent of its revenues have on the contents of the paper?

The Case For Challenging Corporate Journalism

For real documentation on censorship in the media Project Censored makes that their business.

Why we must limit the influence of corporate media



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