Media Democracy Questionnaire

This questionnaire includes leading questions that promote the idea of a Canadian Digital Public Library. You do not need to answer any of the questions. You are encouraged to comment and to leave your contact information if you would like a reply. RSVP

Welcome to your Public Digital Library Survey

1) Do you think our present media systems give too much power and influence to the super rich?
2) Do you think the present media system rewards deception?
3) Do you think it would be a good idea to create through legislation, a single payer public media library of advertising-free streamed media where the state pays copyright fees to the owners of media content based on use by the public?
4) Do you think this (a single payer public media library) is a revolutionary idea?
5) Your Name? (not required)
6) Your email address? (not required)
7) Your comments?
8) If it was possible to have a funding system for media that gave everyone free and equal access to information, would you be in favour of it?
9) If it was possible to have a funding system for media that gave everyone an equal say in how public funds are dispersed to content owners and distributors would you be in favour of it?
Use based public funding

Do you agree that public payment based on use means that the people democratically control media funding?
11) Do you think this (Use based public funding ) is a way of publicly funding media without creating a Pravda-type situation where the state controls media?
12) Is media advertising like a tax, in the respect that both are ways of taking money from Canadians?
13) As a way funding media, media advertising is less efficient than levying a general progressive tax. This is because more than half of the funds taken from Canadians by advertising go to profits for the advertisers whereas, when funds for this purpose are taken with a general progressive tax, almost 100% of the funds can go to funding the production of media content.
14) Do you agree with this conclusion?
Conclusion — Media Reform First
Various activists, whatever their issues, should unite for democratic media reform. In general, almost any activism for a good social cause is opposed by wealthy interests, interests that stand to lose potential profits if the activism was successful. Competing to influence public opinion so that governments will act in favour of the good cause, is an uphill battle against opposition that uses money to overwhelm communication. Democratic reform of media is a stepping stone to a speedier resolution to these issues where private profit runs up against public interest.

Thank you for participating.