Why replace media ads?

The 6 ways advertising funded media hurts us:

Advertising funded media widens the wealth gap.
Media advertising is a game where market share is won at the expense of others losing market share. (a zero sum game). Also it is a game where the larger players win. These two facts explain why media advertising is a major force driving the expansion of the wealth gap.

Advertising funded media censors content.
Media owners, writers and editors self censor so as not to offend the advertisers who fund their work. That is not fair. Citizens deserve to be informed of news events even when the content may be damaging to advertisers.

Advertising funded media is not democratic.
A basic principle of democracy is that citizens should have equal access to power. Most of our mass media is Advertising Funded Media. This means that any individual or organization that is wealthy can have a super access to power. Those who have money can make their voice heard in the mass media simply by buying advertising time or space. That is undemocratic.

Advertising funded media is a rip off.
Citizens, as consumers, pay for advertising every time they purchase a product or service. The cost of advertising is built into the price. That is only half of the rip off. Citizens pay again by having their time wasted while they wait for interrupting advertisements to end. In 2015, Canadians wasted $420 billion of our time in exchange for $40 billion worth of media; therefore, an individual on average wasted $12,000 of time in exchange for $1,140 worth of media. For more on the rip off: Big Rip Off

Advertising funded media creates unfairness in the market place.
A good thing about a market system is that it is supposed to promote progress. When new products or services are developed that are superior they should rise to the top and replace the inferior, but not when we have Advertising Funded Media. Established products and services with masses of capital behind them live on long past the time they should. Competition in the market has become a competition for quality of marketing hype instead of a competition for quality.

Advertising funded media drowns out citizens’ free expression.
How can an individual that has very limited capital voice an opinion to the greater society when that society is polluted with messages that are being repeated by machines that are exclusively controlled by the wealthy? Nice that we can say what ever we want almost and not have to worry about being imprisoned or tortured and executed but still not quite fair that there is nowhere near an equality of voice between the rich and the poor.