Why Public Media needs to be big

Why does it have to be big?
Answer: So everyone can have access to everything –  Universality

Medicare is the best example of  a public service in Canada showing how a previously privately funded service can become a public service and the result is something that is fair for everyone.

Media is not just for fun. It not just a tool for making money. It is an important branch of democracy too because it is the public’s window to government, business and current affairs.

One aim in having a big public media is universality. Like medicare where everyone has equal access to healthcare, with big public media, everyone would have equal access to all media.

“you pick and you pay” vs. “you pick and everyone pays”

The pick and pay system (eg. like netflix) is the most recent medium. News and entertainment media has moved from print to radio and television broadcasts, and from there now to internet streaming services. Basing the media on a pick and pay system is to erect a pay wall. On one side the rich have access to more and better media content. On the other side of the pay wall the poor are excluded from access to it. This is not right and it is not necessary.

Couldn’t you just start with a small example to show how it would work?
Answer: The small examples exist they are called public libraries.

Another way to look at Big Public Media is to imagine a big public library. A big public library that offers everything – music, books, movies, videos, news papers, news casts and blogs.  A library that offers all this with no advertising. The big public library is government funded and every time someone checks something out, the library pays the copyright owners. Summarized – a you pick and everyone pays system.

Big Media - Big Public Media

Big Media – Big Public Media